PACKING a suitcase before a holiday is a fine art, especially if you don't have any checked luggage.

Many holidaymakers opt for packing cubes – but there is a better solution.

Compression cubes are much better at fitting more clothes into your suitcase.

While some require a bulky hoover to suck the air out, many now use external zips which let you fill the cubes up before flattening them.

This means you can fit so much more in your suitcase than you may think.

We've looked around and found some for as little as £16.99 on Amazon for three, working out to £5.60 per cube.

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People raved about them online as well.

One woman said: "These compression bags have changed my packing, so easy to use to organise my case and brilliant to compress my clothes so everything fits in.

"This year it was all so simple, I took a medium size case and for the first time I got everything in.

"I also used one compression bag for a 2-night visit to Italy, it fitted into my large handbag, first time I have ever managed without a suitcase, so much easier to manage at the airport."

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Another agreed: "I’m the worst for travelling light with a backpack and always add a hand luggage case on last minute when getting a flight.

"These worked a treat, I only took a backpack on a recent trip to Sweden. It’s a new me."

A third simply said: "Used these for a 10-day trip where I had only a carry-on. I wouldn’t have been able to pack the bag without these."

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