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FLIGHT comparison website Skyscanner has introduced a new feature to help holidaymakers bag a bargain.

With airfares on the rise, finding creative and reliable ways to cut back on flight prices is currently very important.

While there are many ways to find cheap holidays, they often require a fair bit of patience.

But the flight comparison website Skyscanner has introduced a new filter aimed at making cheap travel easy to find.

Dubbed the 'savings generator', the new tool is designed to help travellers nab the cheapest flights.

As reported by Conde Nast Traveller, the feature helps customers identify the best times to book a flight as well as the best day to fly.

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Skyscanner crunches data from previous flight prices to help inform holidaymakers.

Jemma Porter of Skyscanner said: "According to our research, 19 per cent of people think that the cost of flights is the most important consideration when booking a trip.

"So, we’re putting our data to good use by helping you find the best time to book."

Sun Online Travel put the Skyscanner savings generator to the test.

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For return flights from London to Rome it revealed that holidaymakers should book their trip 36 weeks ahead of schedule, and to fly on a Tuesday.

Meanwhile, for flights from London to Malaga, it's best to book 50 weeks in advance of flying, and travel on a Tuesday is also recommended.

If you want to grab a bargain through Skyscanner, you'll have to be organised with your holiday planning.

But there's still good news for holidaymakers who are more spontaneous.

TikTok user Sam, who is known as sam_jarman on the social media platform, revealed how he uses Google Flights to find the cheapest airfares.

Meanwhile, this dad revealed how he keeps costs down on his family holidays.

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