A TRAVEL expert has revealed how passengers can save money at airports, while still making the most of the bars and food.

It can be tempting to splurge some of your hard-earned holiday savings on a pint and a meal at the airport.

However, inflated prices mean you're often paying a lot more than you would normally, for sub-par choices.

That's why business and travel writer Josh Martin has recommended two solutions for passengers, looking to not burn their way through their savings when they get to the airport.

In an article for Stuff NZ, he put forward his two suggestions, explaining how they could save cash.

The first seems slightly counter-intuitive, but there is a good reason behind the idea.

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Josh said: "Splurge on or qualify for a lounge pass, which is incentive enough to get you to the airport on time and adds a bit of luxury (read as: open bar) to your departure."

There is a suggestion that splashing out for an airport lounge will put a cap on your spending.

A typical airport lounge will offer unlimited buffet-style food, unlimited drinks, both soft and alcoholic and other luxuries including comfortable seating, plugs and possibly even showers and games rooms.

According to research from travel insurance company Columbus Direct, the cheapest airport lounge in the country is at Southampton, where access can be gained from £21.50.

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The most expensive is said to be at Heathrow terminal 5, which costs £40 for entry.

However, Columbus have said that the average passenger spends £52 on food, drink, snacks and entertainment, such as books and magazines, at airports.

Leaving passengers with potential savings of almost £30, if they splash out on the lounge, adding a bit of luxury to their journey.

Josh's other suggestion involves spending no money at the airport at all, but still managing to get something to eat.

He said: "Alternatively, bring your own snacks and a book and snub the middle-ground alternative: over-priced and under-flavoured airport food court fare.

"You’re bound to be eating better when you’re away, right, so don’t part with £15 for mediocrity."

Josh isn't the only person who brings their own food to airports.

Tiktoker 'letsbefranc' revealed how she never goes hungry and never hands over any money.

She said: "We got through airport security in ten minutes at Gatwick.

"We got all of our food through, so I'm going to show you what food I brought through security, which was fine. It's just another good hack for when you're trying to travel cheaply.

"Airport food can be quite expensive and also the queues here are crazy, so we're glad that we brought our own food."

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And this traveller shared a hack to avoid spending money on water.

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