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A TRAVEL expert has revealed the common travel item that passengers should never use during flights.

Headphones make it easier than ever before to stay entertained on planes, but not all of them are appropriate for air travel.

On top of that list is AirPods, which some people say should be kept in their cases when flying.

Family travellers, the Adventure Buddies (@theadventurebuddies) share travel advice and information on their Tiktok account.

In a recent video, they claimed that it's too easy to either lose or damage AirPods during flights.

Instead, they recommend wearing over-ear headphones, which they say offer several advantages.

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In the video, they said: "Please don't wear your AirPods on your next flight. Let's get into why and a better option for you when you travel.

"Now don't get me wrong, AirPods are fantastic, they're great for noise cancellation and they're comfortable etc, but when you're on a plane, these often get lost in the seat cracks.

"This happens especially if and when you fall asleep and you don't want to lose these on a plane.

"Even worse, we've seen some get crunched by people as they walk through the plane and the air pod has fallen on the ground.

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"So instead of getting the AirPods. we recommend getting a nice pair of over-ear headphones.

"They're fantastic in terms of noise cancellation, they're comfortable and they don't fall off when you fall asleep."

The video has been seen more than 200,000 times since it was published, with lots of people saying they had run into problems with their AirPods on flights.

One wrote: "I lost mine on a plane."

Another said: "I had the worst flight ever I dropped my air pods on the floor then people stepped on them."

A third added: "Thankfully the passenger in front got it for me but on the plane it fell out my ear and rolled down the aisle."

One user offered another simple method to make sure their AirPods didn't go missing during a flight.

They said: "I have wired AirPods and I'm not falling asleep on 2 hour flights so I’m still gonna bring them."

The Adventure Buddies agreed it was a good idea, replying: "Yeah wired ones work!"

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Meanwhile, this clever device means that passengers no longer have to rely on plane headphones to watch films.

And travellers have also praised this "must-have" £12.99 item.

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