BEFORE you go planning a holiday to Europe, you might want to check if the destination has an airport first.

There are five countries in the world that don't have their own airport – but can you guess them?

Read on to find out which five destinations have no flights in and out of them, as well as how you can get there yourself.

Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, being located within Italy.

With no airport, you will have to fly to Rome's Leonardo da Vinci Airport instead, and then get a taxi, which takes around 35 minutes.

It is also the only place in Europe that has never had a McDonald's open there.

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The second smallest nation, Monaco is surrounded by France, but has no airport to get there.

You will need to fly to Cote d'Azur Airport in Nice, then take a 30 minute taxi to get to Monaco.

Here is what you can expect from a holiday there – and it's perfect for F1 fans.


The country Andorra doesn't have its own airport either, although you can travel there via Spain or France, both of which border the tiny nation.

The nearest airport is Seo De Urgel in Spain, and driving to Andorra takes around 35 minutes by car, or you can drive from Barcelona or Toulouse.

Many Brits flock to Andorra for the ski season – here are some of the other ski holidays you can plan.

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San Marino

Next time you are in Italy, you should pop across to San Marino, a country also without its own airport.

The drive takes around 30 minutes from Federico Fellini Airport in Rimini.

If you fancy an easier holiday, a number of cruises go to San Marino too,including Marella Cruises.

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Surrounded by Switzerland and Austria, you can't fly to Liechtenstein either.

The best way is to fly to Zurich and then get a short taxi, or get a train from Buch or Sargans on the Swiss border.

In 2019, Lonely Planet named the country as one of the best European destinations to visit.

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