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FLIGHT attendants have revealed five things passengers can get for free on board planes, even when flying in economy.

Sitting in coach class can often leave passengers feeling jealous of the others sat up front in first or businesses classes, making the most of all their freebies.

However, there are a number of things that passengers are still entitled to in the cheaper seats, that can make their journey feel more luxurious.

Included in that are toiletries to help you freshen up on board the plane.

Flying can often make passengers feel pretty grim, but they don't need to wait until they land to rejuvenate themselves.

Ben Whatman, Air New Zealand’s in-flight service manager told Travel + Leisure there were several things people on board their planes can get to help make them feel brighter.

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He said: "In our economy cabin, we have a lot of options available to customers, including pieces to help you freshen up such as toothbrush kits, earplugs, and eye shades for sleep."

As well as earplugs and eye shades for comfort, pillows and blankets are also readily available on most flights for passengers, even in economy.

If you're lucky enough to be on a flight with a row to yourself, stretching out across the seats with a blanket and a pillow is not too much of a far-cry from the reclining business class chairs.

There are often plenty of things available for kids on board the planes too.

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Entertaining little ones during a flight can be a real struggle, but if you ask your flight attendant, they'll likely have some activity packs that could help you out.

One flight attendant told Sun Online Travel: " Our airline, and a few others too, have got packs with a little journal, so kids can put down the flight details and then they can get the captain to sign off the flight and stamp their journal.

"We'll happily give this to anyone on board flying with a little one as a fun way for them to get interested in flying and to document their adventures.

"We often have some kids on board who have flown almost as much as us cabin crew members."

Something both you and your kids will be happy to receive is drinks and snacks, which you're entitled to for free on some flights, usually longer haul journeys.

All you need to do is ask the flight attendants if they've got anything that they can offer you and they should be happy to oblige.

Caroline Kneitz worked for Emirates for more than six years, during which time she picked up more than a few tricks for improving her flying experience.

She told Mail Online that she actually preferred passengers who ordered more than one drink at a time from her when she was working.

She said: "If you fancy getting a little bit merry on your flight, ask for doubles immediately when the drinks trolley comes around.

"The cabin crew will not judge you and will actually prefer it if you do stock up there and then as they will only have run back when you press the call bell later."

For anyone who drinks a little too much, or ends up feeling worse for wear, some flight attendants will be able to offer some over the counter medication.

Things like paracetamol, ibuprofen and diarrhoea pills are all commonly handed out to passengers who aren't feeling too well during their flights.

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Meanwhile, these tips can help you prepare for a flight if you've got a fear of flying, including courses you can take to help you get over your phobia.

And this frequent flyer shared a really interesting method for feeling better about air travel.

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