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HAVING the perfect holiday photo is the go-to souvenir for tourists who are on a city break.

But knowing where to take the perfect snap at popular attractions like Buckingham Palace, The Eiffel Tower, and the Colosseum can be tricky.

To help holidaymakers who are stumped on where to start, loveholidays has revealed exactly where to go to get the best pictures.

The online travel agent collaborated with a professional photographer who pinpointed the perfect spots to take the best snaps at tourist attractions across Europe.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791 and is a must-visit for many tourists heading to the German capital.

According to loveholidays, visitors should head towards the eastern entrance at Pariser Platz and take a photo from there.

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Alternatively, use what3words, a website that provides a precise location using three words, to find the perfect spot.

Use the words: director, prosper and eagles to make sure you're in the right place.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

There is quite possibly nothing more iconic than taking a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Go to Rue de l’Université to the east of the tower to find the best spot.

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Follow this Google Pin to make sure you're in the right place to grab your picture.

Colosseum, Rome,

Have you been to the Eternal City if you haven't taken a photo outside the Colosseum?

Make sure to stand to the west of the building facing in a South Easterly direction.

For this spot, use the words: leave, mondays and like on what3words.

Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Some key landmarks, including the Acropolis, have dedicated viewing platforms.

Go to Lycabettus Hill in Athens where you'll be able to take the perfect holiday photo.

If you're struggling to work out where that may be, searching pointer, keeps and mercy on what3words will get you to the right place.

Meanwhile for attractions closer to home, loveholidays also revealed the best photo spots for places in the UK.

Big Ben, London,

To get the best photo of Big Ben, head south of the River Thames making sure you head left from Westminster bridge.

Then, face west and walk down the steps to reach the perfect photo spot.

To make sure you're in the right place, search "those.hits.bits" on what3words for some piece of mind.

Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain,

If you're heading to Stonehenge soon, head to the byway on the western side of the stones, looking east, to make the perfect photo.

Al Murray, Chief Marketing Officer at loveholidays, said: "We know our customers love to visit famous landmarks when they travel with us.

"After the last few years, people have long bucket lists filled with places they’ve discovered on Instagram – and now they want to get out there and see them!

"These tips are designed to make it easy to capture the perfect shot while visiting each landmark, helping you to make treasured travel memories."

Meanwhile experts have warned that Brits who post holiday snaps online could be left thousands of pounds out of pocket.

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This is because it could invalidate your insurance if your home is broken into while on holiday.

Sharing pics when you are off your holidays is okay – here are the UK's most Instagrammed picnic spots.

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