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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed a suitcase hack that they claim takes all the stress out of packing.

Getting all your belongings together and squeezing them into a bag is one of the few irritating parts of going on holiday, but there are ways to make it much easier.

One cabin crew member explained that being prepared all year-round is the best way to prevent passengers from having to think too much about packing their suitcase.

They said that they have everything they need constantly ready to go, so that all they need to add into their case is the clothes they will need for their trip.

The hack appeared on Reddit in response to a question from a soon-to-be flight attendant, who asked their colleagues how to make life easier when packing for trips.

They asked: "I’m new, waiting to start, and want to be as prepared as possible. What’s some stuff I may not be thinking about that you always take with you on trips?"

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One responded by saying they had two of everything they need, one in their house and the other in their suitcase ready to go.

They replied: "Anything you use every single trip, you should get a second to keep in the suitcase. It makes packing much less stressful.

"I slowly set up a whole separate make-up kit to keep in my suitcase. Cords, power bank, dental stuff, hair stuff!

"After 5 years, the only thing that came out of my suitcase at home was the packing cube of clothes to get washed."

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Another said they did a very similar thing, specifically with their charging cables.

They added: "Have dedicated travel cables and plugs for all your electronics and another set for home use."

Flight attendants are naturally very adept at packing suitcases and therefore have lots of tips to help holidaymakers getting ready for trips away.

An American Airlines cabin crew member has also recommended taking two pairs of flatter shoes, rather than anything too big, which can be squashed down easily.

In an interview with Thrillist, she said: “Limit the amount of shoes you bring. These take up the most space in your suitcase.

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"A good way to make use of your shoe space is to bring flip-flops or flats, which take up zero space, a pair of boots/sneakers/walking shoes (which you can wear on the plane), and one pair of dress shoes.

“Then fold all jeans and pants as you normally would and roll them up, placing them on top of the shoes next to each other. Then do the same for shirts. Lastly, all underwear and socks go on the top or in empty crevices.”

Some passengers try their luck with sneaky hacks to get around hand luggage allowances.

Although they're not strictly allowed, Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant explained why they're sometimes happy to turn a blind eye.

They said: "If every single passenger starts doing it, we'll likely have problems, because even with smaller bags, the weight would add up.

"But we're not at that stage yet and at the moment, it's really not as much of a big deal.

"Personally, I've been inspired – I'm all about saving money wherever I can.

"As long as a bag has been checked by the scanners, I'm fine with it being on the plane, whether it's been paid for or not."

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Meanwhile, this suitcase-free packing hack was described as "genius".

And this toiletries hack makes packing for holidays much simpler.

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