The popular UK theme park attraction that was forced to close when it started sinking – do you remember it?

A THEME park attraction which was once popular with Brits was forced to close down after it started SINKING.

Saw Alive at Thorpe Park was a live-action horror maze based on the Saw film franchise – and one man has revealed the story behind the former ride.

Visitors would walk through a series of rooms themed with terrifying torture methods from the films and come face-to-face with the sadistic Billy puppet.

The attraction opened in 2010 but closed down in 2018.

Tiktok user Theme Park Faulk shared a video explaining what happened to the maze, which was built on top of a boat.

They said: "What happened to Saw Alive at Thorpe Park?

"Saw Alive was a scare maze which opened in 2010 – the year after Saw The Ride opened.

"The maze was loved by many Thorpe Park fans until it closed in 2018.

"However, the maze was located in an old Thorpe Park boat, which meant after a long period of time the boat had begun to sink, leading to the maze's closure."

The video has been watched more than 414,000 times and had hundreds of comments from people reminiscing about the frightening attraction.

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One person wrote: "Omg this scare maze was terrifying. I held onto my sister the whole time and had my eyes closed."

Another wrote: "I've never held onto a stranger so tight in my life going through that maze. Poor bloke nearly got cut in half."

Someone else wrote: "I remember that maze from when I was little – scared me to death."

A fourth put: "I went through on the last day it ran, I got so scared I threw up."

And a fifth wrote: "Scared me so much I ran out the fire exit."

Thankfully the Saw rollercoaster remains open at the park for guests who stil want a thrill.

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