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A SIMPLE airport mistake could see you miss your flight, even if it's been delayed.

Most passengers assume they have plenty of time left to kill in the airport once their flight has been pushed back.

However, that's not always the case – as some passengers have found to their cost.

Instead, passengers are advised to still head to their boarding gate, just to make sure their plane doesn't leave without them.

That very nearly happened to passenger Lorna Thornber, who suffered the embarrassment of having her name called out in the airport, as her flight waited to depart.

She said she had incorrectly assumed that because her flight was delayed, she had time to kill in the airport.

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She told Stuff NZ: "I kept checking the departures board, which never said ‘go to gate’, so I (wrongly) assumed I had plenty of time up my sleeve.

"I heard my name over the intercom followed by the passive-aggressive message every traveller dreads to hear: 'Your aircraft is ready to depart, and all other passengers are waiting for you'. Cringe.

"Save yourself the stressful sprint to the gate – and the glares of your fellow passengers when you finally board – by getting to your gate as soon as it opens."

Lorna's error isn't the only airport mistake that could see you miss your flight.

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Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revealed other ways in which passengers can put their trips at risk.

The first of those is wearing the wrong shoes, which could hold you up at the airport security gates.

Anything that's difficult to take on and off could be a big problem, as most places now ask all passengers to remove their footwear.

Lisa told travel magazine AFAR: "Wear something you can easily slip off and on."

Bad packing is a major way in which people can get snagged at airports, with some people asked to empty their bags by security guards.

Having to repack afterwards can be a big problem if you haven't organised your bag properly – and can add precious time onto your trip through the airport.

Lisa suggests: "Anything you might have to take out quickly during security checks, like a laptop or toiletry bag, be sure it’s not buried in the middle of your bag."

Meanwhile, another mum revealed the big errors that parents make when travelling with children.

And an easy plane ticket mistake could end up costing you money.

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