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A SIMPLE airport mistake could prevent you from getting full compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Not everyone is aware, but as well as the cost of the flight, passengers can sometimes also claim back money spent on food and drinks bought at the airport during the delay.

However, a couple recently found out that not everything will be refunded and that some items could even hamper a compensation claim further down the line.

The unnamed pair were due to fly from Hanover to Miami via London and back to Hanover via both New York and London.

But their outbound journey was delayed by more than three hours and then their return flight was cancelled, meaning they had to fly back to Hamburg via Madrid.

While waiting in both London and Madrid, the pair had food and drinks, some of which were alcoholic, which is where their problems arose.

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The couple sought compensation forthe flight delay and cancellation and reimbursement of €108.80 (£96) for the cost of food and drink during their stopovers.

However, as part of their food and drink, they tried to claim back money for two Aperol Spritzes, which the airline took issue with.

They took the matter to court where they argued that alcohol is not deemed to be a refreshment and that they therefore shouldn't have to pay for the drinks.

The court in Hannover agreed too, and in published documents said: "'Refreshments' do not include alcoholic beverages, so the two 'Aperol Spritz' are not to be replaced by the defendant.

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"The word 'refreshment' does not include alcoholic beverages, whose effect is usually the opposite."

As a result of the court's ruling, it was agreed that "15 English pounds be deducted from the meal costs and the lawsuit be dismissed."

Coby Benson, a solicitor at Bott and Co, who specialises in flight delay compensation, told Sun Online Travel exactly what passengers can claim for and when.

He said: "If you arrive more than three hours later than scheduled, you can claim compensation. 

“That’s per person so for a family of four, that can be quite a considerable amount.

“You can also claim for food and drink during the delay.

"They won’t pay you to sit in the bar and drink champagne all afternoon, but if you need to keep your family fed and watered, they should reimburse you. Keep your receipts.”

Meanwhile, these are your rights if your airline refuses to pay compensation.

And this is how you can get a refund on a flight due to airport queues and chaos.

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