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CHOOSING the best snacks to take onboard can be a tricky decision when at the airport.

I often opt for a tub of Pringles, along with some share bags of chocolate treats to share with friends.

However, there is one kind of snack you should never buy, even though it is available at the airport.

Due to allergies, you may be banned from eating them on the plane.

I was recently on a long-haul British Airways flight to San Diego, when an announcement overhead said someone onboard had a peanut allergy.

Crew asked everyone onboard not to eat any snacks they had bought with them if they contained peanuts.

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My seat companion was then unable to eat her Duty Free mixed nuts pack, looking dismayed as her snack options were relegated to her backpack for the flight.

I was suddenly very glad I didn't buy the peanut M&Ms at the airport.

And coming back from the US state, I opted to skip the Reese's Pieces in my hand luggage, just in case.

I completely understand the need to issue the ban – I would rather not eat my food than risk someone falling desperately ill.

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But I also understand how it could be frustrating when you have spent as much as £10 or £20 at Duty Free, only to be stuck with awful plane food because you can't eat them.

Here are some of the snacks you may spot at Dity Free but should avoid buying before your flight:

  • Peanut M&Ms
  • Peanut butter and dark chocolate Kind bars
  • Reese's peanut butter cups
  • Chocolate covered peanuts
  • Mixed nuts bags

A flight attendant recently revealed why you should avoid the food if you want to sleep on the plane.

Kris Major, worked as a flight attendant for 24 told CNN Travel: "The seasoned travelers, after takeoff, you go down the cabin and you can see that they’re gone – they’ve covered themselves up and they’re asleep.

“Most airlines don’t particularly plan their [food] service around the passenger and acclimatization and time zones crossing."

If you really want to eat the food, you should opt for foods like pasta and stew, experts have said.

That's because they reheat better than other options, so are less likely to taste bad.

Yet others say to avoid any heavy carbs – as they can make your jet lag even worse.

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