BRITS exhibit several behaviours when going on holiday, that are apparently unique to those from the UK.

While getting into "holiday mode" we Brits have certain rituals that people from other nations might struggle to get their head around, but that we insist on doing every single time we head abroad.

Researchers surveyed 2,000 British holidaymakers and revealed that as many as 81 per cent agree there are certain airport and plane traits which are quintessentially British.

For instance, almost half (49 per cent) of those surveyed believe that only a true Brit would deem it acceptable to eat a full English at 4am in the morning – which plenty do when they visit airports.

According to the survey, carried out by TUI, topping the list of British traits is arriving at the airport hours before your flight "just to be on the safe side" which 64 per cent admitted to doing.

That was followed by people loudly declaring that they "feel that heat" when stepping off the plane, which 39 per cent are guilty of.

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Plenty admitted to checking if everyone has been to the loo before boarding the plane (36 per cent), while one in three believe you aren’t a true Brit unless you head straight to the pub at the airport, no matter how early it is.

Appointing someone in the group to keep hold of all the passports (29 per cent) and apologising to the passenger next to you when you need the loo on the plane (28 per cent) also made the list.

While these routines can make travellers feel more comfortable when flying, TUI still recommends arriving at the airport no earlier than you need to.

A spokesperson for TUI said: “We know there’s nothing more exciting than getting ready for your holiday, getting to the airport, boarding the plane and arriving at your destination and we can’t wait to take millions of people away this summer.

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"Travelling rituals certainly make travel more memorable for Brits, like having the early morning big breakfast and tipple.

"However, we still recommend that customers don’t arrive for their flights too early."

A quarter of those surveyed think packing your own tea bags and marmite is a classically British holiday trait, while 24 per cent reckon Brits always stand up as soon as the plane lands.

With so many unique traits, it's little surprise that one in two think it is easy to spot a fellow Brit in a foreign airport.

While most of the above traits are fairly harmless, there are other things Brits do on holiday that can annoy other people.

Hotel booking platform Hoo revealed the results of a survey listing nine things Brits do while they're on their hols that wind up others.

Topping the list as the most embarrassing thing Brits do abroad is drinking excessively.

The second most embarrassing thing Brits do is shout in English rather than attempting to speak in the local language.

Wearing Union Jack flag-inspired clothing was also listed as one of the most embarrassing things you can do on holiday.

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