The strict sleeping rules at UK airports as some BAN overnight passengers | The Sun

The UK airports with the strictest anti-sleeping policies have been revealed.

FLIGHTS can depart atunusual hours of the day, leaving many passengers no choice but to sleep inside the airport terminals.

Despite many people trying to take a nap in a busy departures lounge, some airports have banned holidaymakers from sleeping overnight.

According to the Mirror, airports like London Stansted, Manchester and Heathrow have some of the toughest sleeping regulations.

If you do find yourself having to sleep in an airport because of a delayed or cancelled flight, check to see if the airline should provide you with overnight accommodation.

Stansted Airport

London Stansted has one of the worst reputations for welcoming sleeping passengers in the country.

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A Stansted Airport spokesperson told the Mirror: "Passengers are not encouraged to sleep overnight in the terminal, they should use local hotels or B&Bs where possible instead."

"After the last departing flight has left for the day, the departures area is taped off to allow for overnight cleaning to take place.

"Passengers using seating in the arrivals area would be expected to use appropriately, and be respectful of other passengers who may want to sit down."

Manchester Airport

Despite having several three terminals, Manchester Airport does not allow or encourage passengers to sleep in the terminals.

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But airport sleeping experts, at Sleeping in Airports have said that terminal one has the most arm-rest free seat and benches where passengers can kip.

That being said, there are no designated rest areas in the airport so you may get told to move if you're napping for too long.

Birmingham Airport

While the West Midlands travel hub doesn't explicitly ban passengers from rolling out a sleeping bag, the airport does discourage passengers from sleeping.

Sleeping in Airports also have a guide to Birmingham Airport.

They said: "Floor sleeping might be more comfortable, provided one has a sleeping bag and/or travel mat,"

"The airport is brightly lit, and noise echoes at all hours across the cavernous ceiling, so consider bringing an eye mask and earplugs/noise-cancelling headphones."

Heathrow Airport

The UK's biggest airport, Heathrow,also doesn't officially welcome passengers who want to sleep in the airport overnight.

An insider told the Mirror that passengers who try and sleep in the airport are pointed towards hotels nearby.

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