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CRUISES are becoming an increasingly popular way to see the world, but there are big mistakes first-timers make that could ruin their trips.

Former cruise director Christine Kesteloo explained three of the worst things people are guilty of doing when getting on board a ship for the first time.

She hopes that other people can learn from her years of experience so they don't spoil what could be an amazing holiday.

The first thing she recommends people do is pay for a drinks package, if you're intending on paying a few visits to the bar on your trip.

Each ship will offer different alcohol packages, which at first may seem steep, but Christine says are nothing in comparison to the prices on board.

She told Insider: "The prices of drink packages are typically shocking, but you might feel worse if you skip the deal and see your alcohol bill at the end of the cruise."

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Instead, she recommends just biting the bullet and paying for the package when booking the trip.

That way, you won't have to worry about how much you're spending on booze while on your holiday.

The next mistake people regularly make when booking a cruise is picking the wrong cabin.

Certain cabins are worse to sleep in, particularly if you suffer from seasickness.

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Sitting in the middle of the ship on a lower deck can help if the ocean waves will make you feel woozy.

Christine said that travel agents will be able to help you with this when booking your trip.

Lastly, Christine recommends paying for tips and gratuities as part of the package, similar to the drinks package.

Again, this will mean you're not worrying about it while on board, but also it helps to spread them more evenly among crew.

Some people will opt to pay their tips while on the ship, but that often means some important members of staff are left out of pocket, while others get much more.

Christine said: "By doing this, you're only tipping the guest-facing crew members you see. How about the other dozens of crew doing their job behind the scenes?"

The three tips aren't the only things Christine has warned people about when getting on a cruise ship.

She also shares her experiences from her former job on Tiktok (@dutchworld_americangirl).

In a video, she revealed the errors that passengers make all the time that could ruin their cruises, one of which was flying the same day the ship leaves.

Passengers need to arrive at the port with plenty of time to make sure they're on board when the ship sets sail.

However, some people risk missing the boat by flying in on the same day they're due to leave.

Christine said: "I would never fly in the same day that my cruise is leaving.

"So many people miss the ship just because they booked their flight for the same day that the ship's leaving. Don't do that."

Instead Christine recommends flying in the day before and staying near to the port in a hotel to make sure you have enough time to get to the ship.

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Meanwhile, a cruise expert has revealed the worst things you can do as a passenger, which also includes overpacking.

And a cruise ship performer has revealed what it's really like to live and work on an international voyage.

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