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A FLIGHT attendant revealed the three items you should always pack in your hand luggage.

Valerie Fraser is an in-flight crew member, and thanks to her years of experience, she knows how to pack well.

She revealed her top three items are extra underwear, a swimsuit and leggings.

She recently told Yahoo: "I always pack extra underwear in case of delays, a swimsuit for sunny destinations and a pair of leggings, so I can run downstairs at a hotel without putting on a full outfit.

"I also make sure to pack a comfortable pair of sneakers for walking."

Other flight attendants have shared their top packing tips as well.

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Rosalie Edith has explained which three items are the most important for her during a flight and why she never leaves them behind in a TikTok video.

The first item is a passport case, as damaged passports can be enough to stop you from getting on a plane, so it's worth doubling up.

She also recommends getting good quality clear bags.

She said: "Obviously, you need to have a clear bag for your liquids and gels for airport security, but it is also so handy to store all your other items in a clear bag when you're travelling or on the go.

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"It just makes it so much easier to find what you need because you can literally see what's inside them."

And finally, she recommends packing two or three of your favourite items in your carry-on, as well as some essentials, just in case your bag ends up going missing.

She said: "I always have my favourite linen dress and then another outfit, a cardigan, a spare pair of underwear and then maybe a bikini, depending where I'm going, and a pair of shoes.

"One time, my bag did go missing, but at least I had some backup outfits with me, so I wasn't as stressed."

Another flight attendant said she always packs one vital item in her hand luggage, and it "saved her countless times."

Their advice is to take a Ziploc bag filled with essentials to keep you fit and well on your travels.

Travellers' personal pharmacies can include creams for sore muscles, painkillers or allergy eye drops, among countless other medicines.

The NHS website recommends that you put any medication in your hand luggage, the main reason being that if hold luggage gets lost, you would still be able to take the necessary medicine.

On the other hand, another flight attendant revealed the item almost all travellers forget to pack – an umbrella.

Steven Daniel told Thrillist he often hears passengers complain about forgetting it when they land somewhere that is raining.

So he "always tries to prepare by bringing items for all types of weather."

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