A TRAVELLER has reviewed some of the most common packing hacks on Tiktok to see whether or not they actually work.

Social media is full of people claiming to have the answers to all of our problems, especially when it comes to travel, but not everyone's tips are that useful.

That's why travel company EF (@efultimatebreak) got one of their travellers to try out three of the most popular packing hacks on Tiktok.

They wanted to see how useful other users' advice was and whether or not it could really make packing easier when getting ready for a trip.

They shared their results in a video via their own Tiktok channel.

Rolling clothes

The first of the three hacks, EF tried was rolling clothes instead of folding them.

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This technique has been championed by people like Marie Kondo, who claim it can save space and make suitcases more organised.

In the video, the traveller representing EF revealed how it increased the amount she was able to fit in her bag, and gave it a 5/5.

She said: "Hack number one is rolling versus stacking your clothes.

"I feel like stacking is the typical way you'd normally pack a suitcase. When I stacked, I fit eight shirts and four pairs of pants.

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"By folding my shirts in half and rolling them, I fit all eight with extra space for two more.

"For pants, instead of the initial four, I actually fit six pairs. Packing efficiently always wins – I'm a big fan of rolling, so this hack gets a five out of five."

Necklaces in straws

Necklaces and jewellery can be a nightmare to pack – with the chains constantly getting tangled while in bags and suitcases.

As a way around it, people on Tiktok recommend threading the necklaces through drinking straws, stopping them creating a big mess.

While EF had some success with this hack, it was limited.

They said: "Packing with pouches or Ziploc bags means one thing a big, fat, tangled mess.

"Allegedly, by threading necklaces through straws, it keeps them separated.

"While that's true for the dainty small ones, shorter necklaces don't reach the end, and the thicker necklaces can't be threaded.

"So it really works, but only to an extent, which earns it a three out of five."

Shower caps for shoes

A lot of our items can get very dirty while travelling, especially shoes.

However, other travellers recommend using shower caps to stop the muck on them from getting on other items.

This was the perfect hack for EF, who said: "Last is shower caps for dirty shoes.

"Shoes can definitely get sandy or muddy when you travel, and it's not ideal to throw them into a bag.

"I found a pack of 15 shower caps which fit most of my shoes and they can also be reused.

"You can pretty much throw them on top of anything and not be stressed about staining. So I'd give this five out of five."

Another holidaymaker revealed what she claimed to be the "best packing hack of all time" although other people weren't convinced.

In a video, Niya Esperanza showed her unique folding method that required very little effort and ensured she had one side of her suitcase spare for shoes and toiletries.

She said: "I have the best packing hack of all time. I do not understand how this works, I don't understand the physics of it, it melts my brain every single time."

She then proceeded to lie a jacket flat in her case, before piling the rest of her clothes on top.

 Niya then grabbed the jacket she had put on the bottom of the pile and folded it in half, with all her other clothes sandwiched in the middle.

Other people were not impressed, with one saying: "Sorry this gave me anxiety."

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