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HOTELS hate holidaymakers trying to save money on their trips with a certain travel trick.

With costs of flights and accommodation rising, people are trying to save money in any way they can, while still managing to get away for a break.

One way in which they can save a bit of cash is to book a hotel in advance, but to cancel it before the holiday after finding a better deal elsewhere.

Some booking platforms will allow guests to book in advance without having to pay until closer to the day of their trip, or even until they arrive at their accommodation.

This allows the holidaymakers to keep their options open before going on their trips, meaning they could save money on a last minute hotel deal.

However, hoteliers hate this because it means they end up losing out on a lot of business, which could end up ramping up prices.

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Chief Commercial Officer of AI hotel booking Michael De Jongh said: “What on paper seems like a good thing, is actually a real problem for hoteliers.

"Early-bookers are far more likely to book rooms at multiple hotels, and then cancel all but one at the last minute.

"They’re also likely to be targeted by the online travel agents, such as, who might well persuade them to stay at another hotel.

"Hoteliers are completely justified in being fearful of a last-minute cancellation crisis.

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"The reality is most of those rooms just won’t be filled and many millions in revenue will be lost."

Michael has urged holidaymakers to avoid cancelling their stays if possible, or at the very least, not doing it at the last minute.

He continued: “If someone has to cancel for any reason, I’d urge them to give the hotel as much notice as possible or, better still, move the booking to an alternative date.

"If they cancel just before they were supposed to check in, even if it’s within the incredibly flexible Covid-related terms, then it’s likely the hotel will lose that revenue altogether."

However, it can end up being cheaper the later you book, with hotels dropping their prices so they can fill their empty rooms and at least get some money for them.

According to the Telegraph, Brits looking for a last-minute bargain should try booking a room in a bigger hotel where they're more likely to have offers on spare rooms.

Meanwhile the cheapest Airbnb in England costs just £9 a night.

And these travel experts revealed how they save money on hotels.

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