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SMELL experience expert have revealed the 10 weirdest smells they've been asked to create for theme parks.

AromaPrime have been making artificial smells for almost 50 years, generating more than 400 odours for attractions across the UK to make the experiences even more immersive for guests.

One of their themed smell consultants Liam R. Findlay, explained why they do it: “Our scent receptors are connected to the part of the brain which processes memories and emotions, which is why fragrances help experiences stick in our minds.

"They also make us feel different emotions, like excitement, fear, or happiness.

Here are the top ten smells that they have had to create so far.

Kylie Minogue's breath

Topping the charts at number one is Kylie Minogue’s Breath.

In 2002, AromaPrime created a breathing mechanism for Kylie 's wax figure at Madame Tussauds, along with the smell of her breath.

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Penguin vomit

At number two is the smell of penguin vomit.

This scent is described as unbearably fishy and has been created for zoos, who use the stench as part of their learning programmes.


The number three spot goes to a smell most will agree isn’t pleasant – the dentist.

This scent is used in Halloween scare mazes and is intended to trigger personal fears for people afraid of sitting in the dentist's chair.

Jaguar Urine

Jaguar urine is the consultants' fourth favourite smell they have been asked to create.

Real jaguar urine and otter poo were posted to the AromaPrime lab so experts could get these scents as accurate as possible.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex

Recreating the scent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex required research alongside palaeontologists at the Natural History Museum.

This helped the team work out an accurate recreation of what a T-Rex might have smelt like.

The Queen

Scent number six is the smell of Queen Elizabeth II, which was created to accompany her Madame Tussauds figure.

The aroma was based on the smell of Buckingham Palace and Her Majesty's favourite flowers.


At number seven is the smell of unicorn.

To get this one right, the team claim they studied ancient texts on the origins of unicorns, but admit they also sniffed a few horses to get a better idea of what one might smell like.

Burning witch

Number eight goes to the smell of burning witch.

This stink was used by the London Dungeon and has been described as fiery, fleshy and fantastical.

Sports changing rooms

The scent of sports changing rooms is in at number nine.

The steamy atmosphere of athletes getting changed after a sweaty game provides a popular smell for sports museums.

Rotting flesh

Lastly is the stench of rotting flesh, which actually is one of the company's best selling items.

This fragrance is described on the company's website as a "strong and cloying aroma".

Among a number of other smells available for theme parks and attractions, AromaPrime also offer stinky poo, haunted manor and sweaty feet.

AromaPrime will be exhibiting their work at London’s ExCeL this September for IAAPA’s Expo Europe, the flagship European trade show of The Global Association for the Attractions Industry.

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