SPENDING time by the pool is one of the best things about a holiday, but there are times when other resort guests can make it feel anything but relaxing.

With other families potentially putting our holiday enjoyment at risk, it's important that everyone understands what is and isn't acceptable holiday behaviour.

That's why the holiday experts at Compare the Market have put together their seven tips for ensuring poolside harmony on holiday.

1. Avoid reserving a lounger for longer than an hour

This year, like any other, we've seen countless videos of people rushing out in the morning to reserve sun loungers.

Claiming a lounger you won’t use for hours is unfair to other guests, so the advice is to keep the time you leave a lounger unattended to a minimum.

Make sure you check the hotel rules, as some may not allow you to reserve loungers before breakfast to give everyone a fair chance of bagging poolside seats.  

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2. Prevent playing loud music

Most of us will have our holiday tunes ready to go, but when other people are relaxing around the pool, they might not want to hear your music blaring from a portable speaker. 

Be conscious of people around you and either listen through your headphones or politely ask if you can play your music quietly on your speakers if you’re in a group.

3. Leave the sand at the beach

No one wants a gritty poolside. And having sand shaken over you while you’re relaxing on your lounger is even worse.

The experts recommend trying to keep your pool and beach towels separate.

Many hotels will provide you with a pool towel for a small fee. If you use these, you can keep the poolside clean and save your own towel for beach trips.

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4. Be umbrella aware

Be mindful of your parasol positioning, particularly if you’re next to sun worshippers who love to tan from dawn till dusk.

If you do need some shade and it’s going to affect your neighbours, either politely ask them if they mind or move the parasol to the position that suits you both.

5. Get the kids on board

It can be difficult to take kids on holiday and expect them to behave perfectly.

But it's worth talking to your kids to make sure they’re aware of others around them and ensure they don’t jump or splash in the quiet areas of the pool.

6. Clear up your leftovers

If you’re having a poolside snack or drink, clear up as soon as you’ve finished to avoid attracting ants, wasps and flies to the area. 

7. Be considerate of social boundaries

Holidays are great for making friends but be sensitive, so you know when people are happy to socialise and when they want to keep themselves to themselves.

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