FORGET Lapland, deep in America's Midwest is a place that all Christmas fanatics should know about – Santa Claus Land.

The theme park sits on the edge of Santa Claus town (yep, a real place) in Indiana

The attraction, which claims to be America's first theme park, was opened in 1946 by a man called Louis J. Koch after he discovered that loads of kids were visiting the town every year and leaving disappointed that they hadn't met Father Christmas.

When it first opened 75 years ago, the park included a toy shop, toy displays, a restaurant, themed children’s rides, and Santa.

Over the years, rides continued to be added and they eventually branched out into other themed holidays, with zones celebrating Halloween, the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

At that point, the owners decided to change its name to Holiday World.

Since the Eighties, they have also introduced a water park and a number of rollercoasters – with their Raven wooden roller coaster is regularly voted among the world's best wooden rollercoasters. 

The park offers free sunscreen and unlimited soft drinks to guests, but its big claim to fame is still Christmas. 

There are several festive rides that operate all year round, including Comet's Rockets, Dancer's Fish, Dasher's Seahorses, Prancer's Merry-Go -Round, Reindeer Games and Rudolph's Round-up.  

Those with a sweet tooth who'd ideally indulge in Christmas snacks all year round can also get their fill at the theme park, with a number of food outlets serving items like Christmas cookies, festive flurries and dipped apples.

There are plenty of festive-themed activities outside of the theme park too, next door is Lake Rudolph Campground with its Rudolph Christmas Cabins and Holiday Cottages.

Meanwhile, in town is the Santa Claus Museum, the Santa Claus Post Office, the Santa Claus Christmas store and Christmas Lake Golf Course.

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