WHEN you’re going on holiday no one wants to arrive at their destination only to find their luggage smelly due to their clothes being crammed into a suitcase for hours.

The blogger known as “MightyMamaBear” has revealed some of her top travel advice to help keep your clothes smelling fresh – including a nifty trick using vodka.

That way, travellers and holidaymakers can enjoy their break to the full without having to worry about any unpleasant smells.


Anyone with a tumble dryer will know they come with nice-smelling sheets which are known as dryer sheets or fabric softener sheets.

You can puts these sheets in your luggage to conceal any nasty niffs and give your bag a nice fresh smell.

The blogger said: “Dryer sheets are made of lubricants, softeners, and fragrances that make the fabric comprising your luggage box smell of freshly done laundry.

“When your luggage is exposed to heat, the aromas are released into the surrounding air.

“Remember that you can also use the dryer sheets in serviced apartments or motels to make the bedding and your indoor air smell fresh.”


If you are packing in a rush, you may not have the time to clean everything you need before setting off.

Having to pick something which isn’t spotlessly clean may cause a nasty smell in your luggage and it is always a good idea to separate out dirty items from those that are clean.

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“MightyMamaBear” recommends using a “big zip-lock plastic bag” if possible.

If not any airtight bag comprising of plastic will do.

She said: “Socks and shoes, whether clean or not, should also be kept in airtight plastic bags.

“Otherwise, you may attract other people’s attention with your stinking odour of dirty laundry or smelly feet.”


You may think vodka is only useful for knocking back during happy hour at the bar although it has a less well-known use too.

It can also help to remove any nasty smells from your luggage.

The blogger said: “Fill a spray bottle with vodka (you can mix it with water) and sprinkle generously on the contents of your luggage, focusing more on the smelly culprits.

“The alcoholic solution will help rid your luggage box of the bad smell and kill bacteria that potentially cause unpleasant odours.”

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