A COUPLE were left baffled after the door to their bathroom in their hotel room was unable to close because of the toilet basin.

The unnamed pair were staying at a hotel in Indiana in the US when they made the startling discovery.

The woman said: "My boyfriend discovered the bathroom door wouldn't shut because the new toilets they installed during a recent renovation were too oval and stuck out.

"So no pooping privacy at this hotel."

"She shared a video showing off the hotel, saying: "Huge room, beautiful."

She then asked:  "Like to use the bathroom right?"

However as they went into the bathroom and tried to close the door, the open door hit the toilet seat.

Due to the shape of the toilet basin, it meant the door had to remain open.

The couple burst into laughter, trying to get their head around the hotel flaw.

She asked: "What are you supposed to do with that?"

Another traveller had a similar problem, after realising he couldn't get into the shower without keeping the main bathroom door open.

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