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A TRAVELLER has spoken of their joy at packing a certain item that allowed them to get a free night's sleep when every hotel in the city was fully booked.

During a backpacking trip to Central and South America, the tourist ran out of luck after they missed a nine-hour night bus to El Salvador.

In need of a place to stay, the tourist, who was travelling with only a backpack, was left without a bed, when all the hotels and hostels they tried had no spare rooms.

However, they had come prepared for their excursion, packing a hammock in their bag.

Instead of the night bus they were supposed to take, they booked a flight for the next day and set up their hammock in the airport in Guatemala, sparing them a night on the airport floor.

They shared a picture, along with their story, to a post on the Reddit forum 'Onebag' for people who like to travel light, with only a backpack.

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They wrote: "I wasn’t sure if bringing my travel hammock on my backpacking trip to central/South America was worth the space- over 2.5 months – so far I’ve hung it less than 5 times.

"Today I was supposed to take a 3 hour shuttle back to Guatemala city, where I’d then take a 9 hour bus to El Salvador.

"The shuttle was delayed with traffic, I missed the bus to El salvador, lost my AirPods, and every hostel and hotel in the city was fully booked for some unknown to me reason.

"I ended up booking a flight for tomorrow to El Salvador instead and considering the size and lack of sleeping friendly setup in the airport – tonight we’re sleeping good

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"I wasn’t sure if I was worth the space in my bag, but I’m glad I brought it."

Initially, the traveller was told they couldn't use it to sleep in the airport, but after convincing an airport worker that they needed it, following their tough day, they were allowed to stay.

They continued: "When I first got here a woman who I reckon was part of airport security said I couldn’t lay in the hammock.

"It was literally only me in the terminal and I explained via translate that I had a long day and if she can make an exception otherwise I’d have to sleep on the floor.

"She said fine but only for 1-2 hours. I agreed, and she never came back. Since then many dozens of workers have passed by and said nothing, or just smile."

Other Reddit users were impressed with the traveller's makeshift, and free, accommodation.

One wrote: "I've never thought about hanging up in an airport, good thinking."

A second added: "That's a pretty sweet setup."

However, some were concerned about the lack of storage for their personal items.

They said: "Did you not worry about sleeping and having all your stuff just out in an airport?"

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