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A TRAVEL expert has revealed their best packing hack to avoid checking luggage into the hold.

Avoiding paying for checked luggage is one great way to keep holiday expenses down but becoming a minimal packer can be difficult.

Travel writer Sarah James has revealed the one packing method she uses to keep her packing down to a minimum and in line with strict carry-on requirements.

In an article in Conde Nast Traveller, she wrote: "I can explain the secret to carry-on only luggage in two words: packing cubes.

"The magic trick of this product becomes all the more magical when you add a third word: compression packing cubes."

Compression packing cubes are great at creating more space in your suitcase as they reduce the room taken up by clothes and other items.

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While some compression packing cubes require a bulky vacuum to suck the air out, many now use external zips that allow you to fill up the cubes before flattening them.

This means you can fit so much more in your carry-on suitcase than you may think.

We've looked around and found some for as little as £16.99 on Amazon for three, working out to £5.60 per cube.

But saving space isn't just about loading items into a cube and hoping for the best, there's actually a lot of skill required in optimising precious luggage space.

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In the same article, Sarah recommended packing outfits together so more versatile pieces of clothing can be prioritised.

She also suggested rolling clothes into the cubes and using them to organise items like shoes and charging cables too.

Another technique is to wear heavier items like hoodies, jackets, and bulky shoes as this will save space in the suitcase.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Weatherhead hasn't checked in a suitcase for more than a decade.

And the travel expert recently revealed her top tips for travelling with just hand luggage.

She told CTV: "I think once you go carry-on, you’re not going to be able to go back.

"You’ll just feel so much better about having all of your stuff with you.

"And the more you try it, the better you're going to get at doing it."

Like Sarah, Jennifer echoed the importance of keeping items down to a minimum and holidaymakers from packing too many pairs of shoes.

However, with only 100ml bottles permitted, it is important to only take the items you will definitely need.

The advice is to go through everything you're thinking of taking and ditch the stuff you don't use every day – what's left should fit into a small toiletry bag.

As well as shoes, toiletries, and cosmetics are things that people tend to overpack.

She also encouraged tourists to check to see if their accommodation offered a laundry service, had a washing machine, or was near a laundrette.

By packing clothes that can be easily washed and dried, they can be worn more than other items.

Brits are more relaxed about packing than Americans, a recent study has revealed.

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And these TikTok hacks could help you make packing even easier.

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