A PASSENGER has revealed how he gets to have a first class experience while sitting in economy on flights – but people aren't convinced.

The man described his hack as "poor man's first class" and said it enabled him to stretch out while travelling on planes.

It involves initially paying for three seats, and picking a row all together on board the plane.

Passengers are then supposed to cancel two of the tickets shortly before the flight, providing them with three seats to themself.

The Tiktoker known as NDA (@ndainternet) revealed the hack online to his 860,000 followers.

In a video, he said: "This is called a poor man's first class.

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"I bought one ticket for myself, and then I bought two fully refundable tickets on this row.

"45 minutes before boarding my flight, I cancel my two fully refundable tickets and get 100% of my money back."

He then raised the suggestion that the seats might get filled, but he assured people that wouldn't happen.

He continued: "90% of the time they don't. Meaning I get this whole row to myself.

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"There's no don't catch. Just make sure the two additional tickets are fully refundable."

The video has been seen more than 90,000 times but most people were both unconvinced and unimpressed.

One commented: "That’s scandalous people could’ve actually used the seats."

Another wrote: "That's kinda messed up."

A third joked: "I bought 100 refundable tickets, so I get a private plane."

However, others were quick to point out a flaw in his plan: "If there’s a standby list, those people will get the seats, even if you don’t cancel the extra tickets."

For those who aren't willing to take the risk with refunding flight tickets, there are other ways you can make sitting in economy more luxurious.

Frequent flyer and travel expert Chelsea Fagan (@faganchelsea) showed which seats she books and how she adds a little extra comfort to her trips, without forking out for more expensive seats.

First, she picks the bulkhead seat – the ones at the front of the economy class rows.

Then she uses an inflatable footrest, allowing her to put her feet up, as she would be able to in first or business class.

She said it was one of only a few travel "hacks" that really made things better for passengers.

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Meanwhile, here is how to get extra legroom on flights by changing the way you bring your hand luggage onboard.

Another traveller revealed how to find out which airlines have the most legroom in economy before booking your flights.

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