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A WOMAN has revealed how she fits 10 days' worth of luggage into a small carry-on bag.

An American woman shared a video on TikTok explaining how she packed clothes and toiletries for 10 days into a small handbag.

The woman, who is known as tamarastark886, was flying to her mum's home for a wedding and a funeral.

In a video she posted on TikTok she said: "Ok, I think I did it, I think I got 10 days' worth of clothing in the smallest bag you've ever seen – let me show you."

She then flipped the camera around to show a pink handbag on a worktop.

She said: "This is my bag and I remembered that I had packing cubes."

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"I'm going to try and get away with something, and take this little tiny backpack as well."

The camera then panned to a small brown rucksack that contained a scarf.

She said: "They might charge me but I am going to take the risk."

The small backpack contained a scarf, a toiletries bag, a hat and a jacket.

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Inside the slightly larger pink handbag, the woman explained that she'd managed to fit underwear, bras, t-shirts, pyjamas, tank tops, leggings, jogging bottoms, a jumper and two long sleeve shirts.

She also had two jackets, which were hung up on a door handle.

Towards the end of the video, she said: "I'm going to send my dress [the one to wear to the wedding] with my daughter.

If I need extra shoes or if it's too cold and I need a bigger coat, I can ask my sisters."

The video has been viewed over 2,000 times and users were quick to show how impressed they were with the packing tips and tricks in the comments.

One person wrote: "I have that same pink bag and I can fit my makeup in there and that’s it – how are you packing for 10 days in that thing?"

Another person added: "We did a 2 week trip but did laundry mid trip – all in a backpack."

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