A LOT of passengers wrap their suitcase in plastic before they hop on a plane to protect it and stop it from getting wet.

But travellers have revealed the important reason you should never wrap your suitcase in plastic before you fly.

They pointed out the environmental impact of covering a suitcase in plastic, only to cut it off as soon as you get to your destination.

Passengers will often wrap their suitcase once before they take a trip abroad and then a second time before their return flight.

So in one holiday, a single suitcase might have been wrapped in plastic twice which is then cut away and discarded.

A discussion on whether wrapping luggage in plastic is a good idea was opened on question and answer site Quora.

One user asked: "Is wrapping luggage in plastic at the airport a scam or is there any benefit to it?"

While some people suggested it is useful for keeping a suitcase protected, others pointed out that luggage is designed to "take a few knocks" and that the waste of plastic "should be illegal".

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Andy James replied: "You buy luggage that can take a few knocks. The plastic is an environmental shame on anyone who does in my opinion.

"Take personal responsibility and don't do it!"

Ariel Morandy added: "This is a very bad idea. You are consuming lots of plastic which is thrown away right after the trip.

"This should be illegal."

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