Tripadvisor has shared its 2022 Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best Awards for Hotels.

There are 11 categories, one of which is Out of the Ordinary, which ranks based on ‘wow factor’ – which naturally caught our eye.

If you’re planning a trip with a little oomph, here’s the list of extraordinary hotels that made the travel company’s top ten.

1. Kayakapi Premium Caves – Cappadocia, Turkey

Yes, this place is actually built inside a maze of caves.

It also offers great views of the city of Ürgüp and Göreme National Park – perfect for the ‘gram.

2. Cases Noves – Guadalest, Spain

Cases Noves is nestled in the historic village of El Castell de Guadalest, and features original wood beans and stone walls.

One satisfied traveller said: ‘Sitting on the terrace you can look up from your meal to the imposing walls set on a huge impossible rock.

‘Or you can turn and look down the terraced valley to the Mediterranean in the distance.’

3. Hotel Aires Bacalar – Bacalar, Mexico

With its beautiful design, private terraces and huts, Hotel Aires Bacalar easily stands out from the crowd.

The stunning location near the Seven Colours Lagoon and the ancient Mayan town that sits on its shore is sure to have your jaw on the floor.

4. Maison Souquet – Paris, France

If you’re feeling more of a city break, you can opt for the lavish surroundings of Maison Souquet.

Evoking the Belle Époque era, the blood-red interiors and antique Arabesque panels will transport you.

5. Villa Makassar – Marrakech, Morocco

This Art Deco Boutique Hotel is also great for people looking to get a taste of days gone by.

There’s also a lush top floor patio on which to stretch your legs and take in the view.

6. Ayada Maldives – Maguhdhuvaa, Maldives

The Maldives is bucket list material – and for good reason, with places like Ayada on offer.

It’s a private island resort comprised of traditional thatched-roof water villas, which stand on stilts over the resort’s peaceful lagoon, and beach villas nestled amid tropical greenery.

7. Pousada Villa D’Amore – Monte Verde, Brazil

This is a great one for anyone looking to stay a little closer to nature, as it’s surrounded by forest.

The hotel has cosy chalets with floor-to-ceiling windows to give the best views of the greenery.

8. Chateau Clement – Vals-les-Bains, France

The Chateau’s history began in the 19th century, when it was created by Auguste Clément, founder of the spa and mineral waters of Vals-Les-Bains.

Each room has been uniquely decorated, but you’ll still feel like royalty in every one.

9. Blue Swallow Motel – Tucumcari, New Mexico, US

Want to live your Blue Jeans, Video Games, Badlands fantasy? Then stay in this classic piece of Americana.

The Blue Swallow Motel was established in 1939 on Route 66, and, with its garage and famous neon signage, it doesn’t get more road trip than that.

10. Vila Kalango – Jericoacoara, Brazil

The bungalows are super chill, and the whole place, situated as it is between the palms, makes for great Insta fodder.

It’s a beach resort perfect for those seeking peace, tranquillity, and maybe some sailing.

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