MANY families may try camping for the first time this year, as staycation holidays boom due to demand, as well as due to confusing travel restrictions abroad.

And as the weather heats up across the UK, there is never a better time to pitch a tent up.

Some travellers may be reluctant to part with a comfy hotel bed and four walls.

However, experts have shared their top tips on how to make a camping holiday much more bearable, especially if it is your first time.

Shared on Reddit, here are the best pieces of advice you may not have thought of.

The best thing to bring is tarpaulin

As one person said, especially for UK campers: "Always prepare for rain."

However, if you do get caught out with bad weather, the one item to always take is plastic tarpaulin.

One person wrote: "Bring tarps. They are so important for rainy camping. They are light, cheap and can protect anything from rain.

"Cover your tent, your gear, or turn them into a roof over your place to sit/eat."

Another key item many suggested was an emergency blanket, as they are small to pack, but reflect lots of heat and can also be used as tent liners in a pinch.

You always need more wood

When evenings get cold, a campfire is the best way to keep warm.

Many campers may not realise how much wood one needs, especially for first timers.

An expert warned:"If you are planning on having a fire going to keep warm all night, gather wood.

"Once you think you have gathered enough, gather 5 times more."

It is always worth checking if the campsite lets you do this, as someone else added that some areas expect you to bring your own.

Opt for tortillas over bread

Packing enough food can be hard, especially when it comes to keeping it fresh.

Instead of packing a loaf of bread, frequent campers suggest going for something else instead.

They said: "Tortillas stay fresh significantly longer than bread, they're easier to pack, and are far more versatile.

"In a pinch, a tortilla with peanut butter and honey is a great meal."

Another popular meal to try is the "campfire banana boat" which is a banana, stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate in the middle before cooked on the fire.

If you have enough space, pre-making your food is also advised, such as pasta salads, baked potatoes or cooked meats.

Sleep the right way around

Before going, one of the top tips is to always practice pitching your tent up way before the holiday to avoid getting stuck when you arrive.

However, how you sleep can also make a difference.

One camper said: "If you're camped on any kind of slope, sleep with your head uphill. Otherwise you can get a nasty headache."

You can never pack too many socks

There is nothing worse than having wet feet – so pack more socks than you think.

One person suggested: "Bring lots and lots and lots of socks.

"They're going to get dirty and wet, and you don't want the discomfort or risk of blisters."

When it comes to packing them, another person added that campers should "Seal everything in watertight bags" even if your bag it waterproof, to avoid nasty surprises.

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