A TV reporter has gone viral for offering American tourists some bizarre advice for when they visit Europe – saying they need to practice walking.

In the video, the man – who himself is American – urged his fellow-countrymen to start "walking around the block" to get used to having to do more exercise if they plan on visiting European cities.

The traveller appeared to be presenting a segment for an American news show, in which he warned: "You're going to walk a lot.

He said: "You'll see Europeans are walking a lot, they're in really good shape, they don't look like me, okay.

"They're walking, they're fit and the thing is, when you travel here, you'll do the walking too.

"You're not driving around or taking taxis everywhere, you're walking.

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"So if you're coming here, for the first time, make sure you're practicing your walking or doing some walks at home, around the block and then around the neighbourhood to get ready for when you come here."

The man also offered advice on the best footwear for his fellow Americans to get, saying that brand new shoes would be a bad idea.

He continued: "Make sure you have good shoes, but don't buy new shoes the day before you go because those are going to kill your feet.

"Make sure you break your shoes in before you come because believe me you will be doing a lot of walking here."

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The video was shared on Instagram by meme account @thearchbishopofbanterbury, where it attracted almost 90,000 likes in 24 hours,

The clip was mocked by Brits, who couldn't believe what they had seen.

One said: "Why are they like this?"

Another wrote: "You've got to be joking."

However, one American said it was advice that they had offered to their relatives before.

They wrote: "I can confirm this was a conversation i had with my parents before coming to Europe, and they still weren’t prepared for the amount of walking."

However another American refuted the idea that they were not as fit as Europeans, and said that the advice was not needed.

They said: "No we don't practice walking.

"You can’t call us fat, we’ve all seen your scotch eggs."

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Meanwhile, this American revealed a strange thing she does with her shoes whenever she goes on holiday.

Another person advised packing their suitcase in an odd way to make the most of the space available.

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