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A TRAVEL expert has revealed some very clever ironing board hacks that make hotel stays much simpler.

Most people hate the idea of getting the ironing board out on holiday, but there are things it can be used for besides getting creases out of clothes.

One person who's a huge fan of the hotel ironing board is travel show presenter Samantha Brown, who has several different uses for them.

Her main alternative use is to put her suitcase on top of it and use it as a luggage rack.

This means she doesn't have to crouch on the floor any time she needs to get something out of her case.

She told Stuff NZ that although some rooms come with their own luggage racks, the ironing board is still her platform of choice because it's both taller and bigger.

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She said: "The great thing about the ironing board is its four feet (1.2m) more counter space, and it's something that everyone can use in the hotel, especially if you're sharing it with anyone."

The surface is also useful for other purposes too, including as a desk for working and as a table for snacks, when watching films on the hotel TV.

Samantha continued: "I often use it as a stand-up desk as well.

"I've also used it as a TV tray for my kids when they were watching a movie."

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It's not just the ironing board that can be used for different purposes either.

The iron itself can prove very useful, especially for hungry hotel guests.

In a video posted to YouTube, Rebecca Tan at Clicknetwork revealed that the iron can be used to re-heat or cook food – with just the addition of some tin foil.

Rebecca revealed that by wrapping up the metal side of the iron in foil, and nestling it upside down, it can be used like a stove top.

Guests then simply need another sheet of foil, folded into a plate, and they can heat food on top of it.

She also revealed that eggs can be boiled by putting them straight in the kettle.

Elsewhere, a hotel guest stunned his followers on Tiktok when he made a pizza from scratch in his bathroom.

While the pizza did admittedly look tasty in the end, a lot of people were unconvinced by the location of his makeshift kitchen.

More than 1.8million people have seen the video, most of whom were concerned for the man's health.

One wrote: "Everyone who works at hotels is throwing up right now."

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