A WOMAN has revealed the nerdiest thing she does to prepare for an upcoming holiday, claiming it has the power to transform a trip.

Samantha Brown posted the video on her Instagram account beforejetting off to Germany to wander around the Christmas markets.

In a video to her 200,000 followers, she shares the geekiest way she prepares for a trip abroad.

She said: "Right now I am doing something that is quite possibly the nerdiest thing I have ever done as a traveller.

"I am rehearsing my outdoor ensemble for my upcoming trip to Germany to see the Christmas markets.

"One mistake I always make as a traveller is that I have a really hard time imaging what the weather is going to be like in the destination that I am going to."

She explained how she'd made poor outfit choices on previous trips – whether she needed to be warmer or cooler.

But before heading away this time, the temperature in New York city was the same as her destination in Germany, which mean she could give her outfit a dress rehearsal.

She walked the streets on New York in a camel coat on top of a red athletic puffer and a merino wool undershirt, and she also had a cashmere turtleneck stashed away in case she got cold.

To complete her trial look, she wore a hat, a pair of gloves, a scarf and a pair of Chelsea boots.

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She added: "It's holding up – pretty smart!"

The video has been liked over 10,000 times, with many people calling the hack 'a great idea'.

One person who has the same preparation technique wrote: " I totally do the same, I call it auditioning my outfits."

Meanwhile, a Place in the Sun presenter Jean Johansson shared her top packing tip, after years of travelling with the TV show.

The presenter, who splits her life between the UK and Scandinavia, has packing 'down to a fine art'.

On a recent trip to Cyprus, where Jean spent four weeks, she packed two summer dresses, a bikini and a pair of flip-flops.

When she wasn't wearing the garments, Jean washed them in her hotel room and dried them on her balcony.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and can't work out which bits of advice to follow, travel experts from Blue Pillow have also compiled a list of which travel tips from TikTok to follow or ignore.

For example, one influencer recommends vacuum packing your clothes, while another video shows how to use the click and collect option at airport stores to navigate around liquid allowances.

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