TV travel star reveals why you should never ask 'do you speak English' on holiday | The Sun

A WOMAN who has travelled the world several times over, has revealed the phrase to never say abroad – and the ones to learn.

TV travel host Samantha Brown often shares her tips and tricks for holidaymakers, having been travelling for work for more than 20 years.

One of her recent videos revealed the phrase to avoid when on holiday in a country where English is not the first language – and the ones to learn before you go.

She told her Instagram followers: "One phrase you definitely want to avoid when using when travelling abroad, which is surprisingly 'do you speak English'?"

"I used to ask this question all the time, and just watch the person I asked this to make [a bad] face."

"When you greet someone with [this phrase], that can be perceived as either a challenge or a put-down.

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"Either way, you have basically just shut down any pleasant interaction you were hoping for."

Instead, she says to say "I don't speak the language, English?"

She continued: "It's an easy fix – all you have to say is 'No Hablo Español? Inglés?' [or] 'No Français, Anglais?'

"What you are saying is I understand that I am in your country but I don't speak your language, do you possibly speak mine?"

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She also revealed the four phrases you need to learn when travelling abroad.

"When you travel internationally here are the four most important words you need to know.

"Hello, please and thank you.

"Those four words will tell someone that one, I am not from here – they'll be able to detect my accent – but two, still a kind person who three, is making an effort."

"I guarantee people will go out of their way to help."

"What it took me years to find out travelling – nobody on the other side expects you to speak a full sentence.

"But what you absolutely must know how to do is how is to be polite."

People praised her advice in the comments – one person said: "This is the best advice I have heard about travel."

Another shared their own experience: "I found out the hard way how rude I was being while travelling and I wish someone would have brought it to my attention earlier!"

Samantha has some other tips on her social media, especially when travelling as a family.

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