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A 'GOOD looking' man has complained about the treatment he receives on planes – after apparently being ignored by the cabin crew on more than one occasion.

The passenger had become irritated by the flight attendants, who he claims regularly fail to greet him as he boards his flights.

Following one such incident, the man reached out to cabin crew members with a message in which he both pointed out his good looks and asked why he keeps getting the cold shoulder.

In a post on Reddit, he wrote: "Sometimes the flight attendants flat out ignore me, they would be greeting the passenger just before me but when it’s my turn I get ignored.

"I am an objectively very good looking guy, I get approached by random girls on the street or at work, so this is very confusing to me.

"This does not always happen but still it happens sometimes."

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However, the handsome man received little sympathy from the flight attendants, who said they were more interested in his behaviour than his good looks, suggesting his attitude might be the problem.

One wrote: "They are busy and you are conceited. You don’t deserve attention just for existing and because you think that you are handsome."

Another said: "We're not looking for handsome passengers.

"I definitely try to say hi to everyone but it can be hard when 70% of people don't even acknowledge your existence."

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A third added: "The constant in this scenario is you, which would suggest that you're rubbing them the wrong way (your fabulously good looks notwithstanding)."

Anyone who thinks they are a good looking passenger might be able to find out if the cabin crew agree by listening out for a couple of key phrases.

Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant revealed the secret ways they let their fellow crew members know if they fancy any of the people on board.

They said: "If you do hear your seat number mentioned in the same sentence as the word 'Bob' then you've caught someone's eye, as crew use that abbreviation to mean 'best on board'.

"There's another way we'll let other cabin crew know if we like you and that's the 'cheerio' method.

"As you're getting off the plane, we say 'goodbye' to every passenger, but if you get a 'cheerio' instead, that's a flight attendant letting you know they'd be happy to have you on board any time."

However, there are also names you'd never want to be called when flying – one of which is Phillip.

The flight attendant continued: "If you're labelled a 'Philip' then you've done something wrong and should probably expect to get bad service for the rest of the flight.

"That name originated from the term PILP – Passenger I'd Like to Punch – but has changed over time to become slightly more subtle."

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Meanwhile, another flight attendant has revealed three etiquette rules that all passengers should follow, including who gets to claim the armrests.

And a pilot explained the shocking reason why passengers should never take off their shoes during a flight.

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