A HOLIDAYMAKER has revealed how everyone is packing their suitcase incorrectly – and that there is a simple way to fit more in.

The TikTok user who goes by the name The Collector's Kut revealed the easy method to cram more when packing.

With many airlines now charging to check luggage in, travellers are resorting to very drastic measures to make sure they only travel with hand baggage.

And apparently how you pack make can make all the difference.

In the video they wrote: "How old were you when you found out how to pack your luggage?"

They then revealed how they put their suitcase upright while packing it so the wheels are on the floor rather than the back of the bag.

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They then fold their clothes and pile them on top of each other so they are standing the right way up.

The TikTok user added in the comments: "When you’ve been packing your luggage sideways this whole time! Try this."

More than 14million people have watched the video since, with lots praising the clever hack.

One person wrote: "What?! That is genius!"

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Another agreed: "The fact that this looks like common sense yet I’ve always packed this wrong."

Not everyone was convinced though – one person commented: "You could literally do the same thing with the luggage laying flat."

Others said they preferred to roll their clothes rather than fold, while others said they swore by packing cubes.

A cruise expert from Blue Cruise also backed this clever packing trick.

They said: "It’s common to see people pack a suitcase lying down, but we suggest standing it upright and building up your layers from heaviest to lightest.

"This allows gravity to reveal the true remaining space at the top of your suitcase, and it is also a much more accurate display of how your items will lie when you’re pulling your luggage around."

This method was first revealed by organisation expert Marie Kondo, calling it "vertical packing".

She explained: "When using the tried and true KonMari Method folding technique, your selected items will be stored upright instead of stacked in a pile.

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"By folding clothes neatly and standing them up vertically, you’ll prevent wrinkles, maximize space in your suitcase and easily be able to view all of your outfit options when you simply open your bag or suitcase upon arrival.”

Here are some other packing tricks, including why you should both roll and fold your clothes.

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