A WOMAN has revealed how to look better in your passport photo – and people are stunned.

Tiktoker Molly Russell-Scott explained how to take a good picture on their social media account.

She wrote: "How to slay your next passport photo."

Some of her tips included a "tight pony to snatch the face" as well as contouring and highlighting as the "bright light will wash it out".

However, she also suggested a clever trick that people have been using to define the chin.

She explained: "Push your tongue to the roof of your mouth to intensify the jawline."

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The technique is also known as "mewing".

Mewing is the term used to describe the facial reconstructing technique involving the placement of your tongue.

Rather than resting your tongue on the bottom of your mouth, mewing advises you to rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth – keeping your lips together and teeth touching.

Many believe that this is the correct posture for your tongue – and practicing mewing can train your body to keep your tongue at this position.

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More than 300,000 people have watched the video and people were stunned by how good she looked in her passport picture.

One person wrote: "How can anyone look this good in a passport photo."

Another person said: "Needed this 2 weeks ago."

Someone joked: "If I do this the person at the airport won’t recognize me and won’t let me go."

Yet this very problem happened to another woman earlier this month.

Actress Tatiana Lin shared a picture of herself without make-up on her Instagram story, explaining what had happened.

She wrote: "I just arrived in Malaysia. Customs didn't let me in – they said I look different from my passport."

Tatiana joked that she could see the customs officer's point of view, conceding, "It is a little different."

Passport applications can be rejected because of how much makeup people decide to wear in their photos.

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For example, dark winged eyeliner could see an application rejected because it changes the shape of a person's eyes.

Glittery eyeliner should be avoided as well because it can hamper an application's chance of being accepted.

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