A WOMAN has opened up about her luxurious lifestyle on board a cruise ship, and it cost less than $87 (£71.02) a week.

TikTok user Christine Kesteloo has lived on the high seas for 12 years, and shares her life unusual lifestyle with her thousands of followers.

The former cruise and travel director was made redundant in 2020, but now lives as a "wife on board" a cruise ship for six months of the year.

Because her husband Piet is a staff chief engineer, the couple live in a lavish cabin with other perks including free meals and a free laundry service.

But the husband and wife duo don't always eat for free.

In a recent video, Christine showed her followers what they can expect from a specialty dining experience.

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She said: "As most of you know, we live on a cruise ship and tonight is our date night.

"Now tonight we're at one of the specialty dining restaurants called Pinnacle Grill."

The video panned to clip of a waiter pouring a creamy tomato soup from a teapot into a bowl then topping with a drop of double cream, and another clip showed a slab of steak with some onion rings.

Christine told Insider that eating out at the ship's specialty restaurants usually sets her back between $20 (£16) and $50 (£40) per person.

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On top of their meals out, they usually tip between $5 (£4) and (£8) $10 each time, but if they order free room service they'll tip between $2 (£1.60) and $5 (£4) at a time.

Some of their other expenses include $20 (£16) a week for unlimited internet access, and a $10 (£8) cleaning tip that goes towards their steward.

Christine's weekly spend costs $87 (£71.02) a week to sail around the world.

Many users have likened Christine's lifestyle to being on holiday every day – and she agrees.

The married couple aren't the only crew members who get a good deal living on board a ship, Ezra Freeman works as an entertainer aboard a luxury cruise liner, and spends less than £10 a day.

Austin Wells is also preparing for life on board a cruise ship, after he purchased a studio apartment for $300,000 (£246,465) on a mega cruise ship.

Even though it's a fair wad, Wells is set to save himself $500 (£410.77) each month when he sets sail on the liner in 2025.

Meanwhile holidaymakers can also spend their time on a Disney cruise complete with an adult-only pool and live fireworks.

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