A FLIGHT attendant has revealed some of the bizarre things that could land you a hefty fine whilst holidaying in Venice.

Barbie, 29, from Argentina, works as a flight attendant for La Azafata and regularly shares her top travel tips and secrets with her three million followers on TikTok (@barbiebac.ok).

And it seems that whilst Venice might be one of the most romantic cities in the world, it is also one of the strictest when it comes to fines for tourists.

In a clip, Barbie was seen exploring the canals of the famous Italian hotspot when pauses at an information sign, warning users of the hidden restrictions they might not have noticed.

She says: “Do you know that in Venice you may be fined for doing this…

“It’s forbidden to dive into and swim in the canals. Fine 350 Euros.”

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“It’s forbidden to sit on the floor, steps, monuments or the side of the canals. Not even to eat or drink. You can only sit down on benches. Fine 100 to 200 Euros.”

“It’s forbidden to dump rubbish on the floor. Fine 350 Euros.”

“It’s forbidden to feed seagulls or pigeons. Fine 25 to 500 Euros.”

“It’s forbidden to ride a bike and roller skate. Fine 100 Euros.

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Reacting to the revelations, TikTok users were quick to have their say on the matter.

“Everything is forbidden. I don't want to go anymore,” wrote one user.

“POV the one who went to Venice in Assassin's Creed and did all that,” commented a second user.

“Can you blink?” commented a third user.

“You look to the sky -100 – 500€,” wrote a fourth user.

“€350 fine if you breathe,” exclaimed a fifth.

While a sixth added: “Perfect. Only that way a place is respected and preserved.”

Other restrictions include staying to the right when walking near waterways, not walking around in swim wear, and tourists are forbidden to set up camp in the city.

Though the rules may seem unduly strict, Venice's efforts to keep the streets free of litter and graffiti have helped preserve the city for all to enjoy.

But come January, tourists will reportedly be charged as much as €10 (£8.63) to enter the city, as city officials try to reduce tourist numbers.

It is hoped that the fee will curb "tourist peaks" and ensure people have "peaceful visits" in the future, while keeping Venice a "living city".

The cost of entry will range from €3 to €10 and those caught in violation of the charges could be fined anywhere from €50 to €300.

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Venice is one of a number of places in Italy looking at measures to limit tourists, with beaches in Sardinia also applying charges.

The Amalfi coast has also brought in rules to prevent overcrowding this summer.

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