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A PAIR of travel experts who have visited every country in the world have revealed the one simple mistake that could ruin your next holiday.

While everyone looks forward to their annual holiday, some travellers dreams are thwarted at the border because of mishaps with passports and visas.

Rach and Marty run the Very Hungry Nomads blog where they've been documenting their travels around the world for the last two decades.

Last year, they completed their goal of visiting every single country in the world and shared their passport challenges with their readers.

The couple each hold a passport from a different country.

Rach holds an Australian passport while Sebova has a Solvakian passport.

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Because the passports have been issued by different countries, the differing passports have occasionally caused the couple issues when they've applied for visas.

Davey told CNN travel: "Sometimes it was like, ‘you can get one here, [but I can’t], which threw a spanner in there."

They also ran into problems with getting a visa – as some countries didn't allow them to get one without being accompanied by a man.

Despite passport hiccups, the pair realised their goal of travelling to all 195 countries, and they had some advice for their readers.

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As well as checking entry requirements on official government websites, they also recommend carrying PDF or printed copies of passports and visas on the road in case you're ever caught short.

Holidaymakers have also been warned that chucking your old passport could lead to problems on your next break because of old visas and entry and exit dates that are stored inside.

A major passport change is taking place next week, and Brits are being warned to get ahead – if they can.

Travellers are being reminded they have less than one week before passport renewal fees rise by around nine per cent – the climb will come into effect on Thursday, February 2.

These are the new visa rules that Brits heading to Europe will need to follow this year.

Putting novelty stamps in your passport could cause huge problems at the border.

Holiday destinations like Checkpoint Charlie have fake stamps as a souvenir – but one woman was stopped from boarding her flight after her tourist stamp invalidated her passport.

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