RYANAIR has some of the cheapest flights but also the strictest hand luggage rules.

Thanks to a rule change a few years ago, passengers can no longer take a small suitcase into the cabin free of charge.

Here's everything you need to know about their baggage rules.

Ryanair hand luggage rules

Ryanair passengers can only take a small personal bag into the cabin free of charge, measuring a maximum of 23cm x 20cm x 40cm.

To be able to take a suitcase into the cabin, passengers need to purchase priority boarding.

Costing from £8 to £32, this allows a small personal bag alongside a 55cm x 40cm x 20cm suitcase into the cabin.

It must weigh under 10kg to be allowed into the cabin – and it isn't guaranteed, depending on how many passengers purchase priority boarding.

If this is the case, it will be put into the hold.

If travelling with a baby, you can also take two pieces of baby equipment free of charge into the hold – like a buggy or a travel cot – as well as a 5kg bag measuring 20cm x 35cm x 40cm into the cabin.

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Ryanair checked baggage rules

To check in a suitcase, passengers have two options when travelling with Ryanair.

The airline's 10kg suitcase fee ranges from £12.99 – £23.99, if bought at the time of booking the flight, rising to £23.99 5o £35.99 if buying after booking or at the airport gate.

The airline also offers a 20kg checked in suitcase, which costs between £20.99 and £39.99 each way, depending on the flight.

If buying a check-in bag at the airport, it costs between £39.99 and £59.99 each way.

You can only buy three checked bags per person and if your baggage weighs over the limit, expect an £11 charge per kg.

However, the airline does allow bag "pooling", which lets groups of passengers split the weight.

For example, instead of both having 20kg each, one passenger can have 15kg while the other has 25kg.

Other check-in rules include bikes, ranging from £60 to £75 each way, musical instruments, ranging from £50 to £65 each way, and sports equipment, ranging from £35 to £40.

Ryanair first changed their luggage rules in January 2018, removing the option for a free suitcase.

They later changed their rules again in August 2018, charging for 10kg bags to go into the hold.

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