Where Brits want to celebrate St Patrick's Day – and it's not Ireland

Irish I was somewhere else! The No.1 place where Britons want to celebrate St Patrick’s Day revealed – and it’s not Ireland…

  • Ireland’s national holiday is celebrated globally with parades and festivities
  • New research looked at the most-searched-for destinations for March 17
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St Patrick’s Day is not just a big deal in Ireland – it’s celebrated around the world.

But even though the parades and festivities of the Emerald Isle are just a speedy flight or ferry ride away, Britons would prefer to celebrate the country’s legendary national holiday elsewhere, it’s been revealed.

A new ranking, drawn up based on research into British travellers’ most-searched-for destinations for March 17, reveals that London is the number one destination for Britons this Paddy’s Day.

Surprisingly, Dublin doesn’t even make the top three – it ranks fourth overall. 

Instead, the English capital is followed by Manchester in second place and Amsterdam in third. 

New research, looking at Britons’ most-searched-for destinations for March 17, reveals that London is the number one destination for Britons this St Patrick’s Day

The ranking, produced by Hotels.com, is based on searches for hotel stays from March 17 and March 19.

The rest of the top 10 St Patrick’s Day destinations for Britons comprise Liverpool (fifth), Edinburgh (sixth), Birmingham (seventh), Paris (eighth), Glasgow (ninth) and Barcelona (tenth).

It’s a different story for Irish travellers, however, with Dublin reigning supreme as the most popular place for natives to mark the national holiday.

Hotels.com has also drawn up a European ranking, looking at where travellers around the continent are planning on celebrating the famously green-themed holiday.

Again, Dublin manages to make the top 10 – but fails to secure the top spot, lagging behind in sixth place.

It’s London that claims first place, followed by Paris (second), Amsterdam (third), Barcelona (fourth) and Rome (fifth).

Copenhagen (seventh), New York (eighth), Manchester (ninth) and Liverpool (10th) make up the rest of the top 10. 

As for the global ranking, which examines where international travellers are looking to spend the holiday, Dublin misses out on a spot in the top 10.



1. London

2. Manchester

3. Amsterdam

4. Dublin

5. Liverpool

6. Edinburgh

7. Birmingham

8. Paris

9. Glasgow

10. Barcelona


1. London

2. Paris

3. Amsterdam

4. Barcelona

5. Rome

6. Dublin

7. Copenhagen

8. New York

9. Manchester

10. Liverpool


1. Las Vegas

2. London

3. Tokyo

4. New York

5. Paris 

6. Orlando

7. Cancun (and vicinity)

8. Osaka

9. Sao Paulo

10. Barcelona

Source: Hotels.com 

Dublin is the fourth most popular destination for British travellers this St Patrick’s Day 

In this ranking, it’s Las Vegas that tops the podium, followed by London, Tokyo, New York and Paris.

The rest of the global top 10 is made up of Orlando; Cancun and the areas that surround the sunny Mexican city; the Japanese city of Osaka; Sao Paulo in Brazil and Barcelona.

Commenting on the research, a Hotels.com spokesperson said: ‘Everyone knows that Ireland throws a St Patrick’s Day celebration like no other, however over the years, so many places have joined in the festivities. With street parades, Irish-themed hotel stays and green galore, there are so many places to try.

‘Irish families are clearly keen to make the most of the bank holiday too, with Disneyland Paris becoming the biggest new trending spot for St Patrick’s Day, making it into the Top 10. After the park’s much-anticipated reopening in June 2022, families are clearly keen to celebrate the Irish holiday that they missed out on last year. But no matter what your perfect somewhere for St Patrick’s Day looks like, Hotels.com will be able to match you with it.’

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