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KNOWING when to book flights to get the biggest bargain can be tricky.

And one travel expert has revealed when you should book to find the cheapest flights.

Andrew from Going.com debunked some travel myths, such as booking on a Tuesday, saying there's "no cheapest day or time to book flights".

However, he said there are periods of time when cheap flights are likely to be on sale, called the "Goldilocks Windows".

He explained: "If you’re travelling domestically, the Goldilocks Window for when you’re most likely to see a cheap flight is 1-3 months before flying.

"For international flights, it’s 2-8 months in advance."

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This changes if you are wanting to travel during a busy time of year.

Andrew continued: "If you’re hoping to travel during a peak time like the middle of summer or around New Year’s, you’ll need to add a few months.

"More like 3-6 months for domestic flights and 3-10 months for international."

He said if you "wait until Halloween" to start looking for Christmas flights, you have left it too late.

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Nicky Kelvin, from The Points Guy UK explained how he still finds cheap flights too.

This includes changing your airport and mix-and-matching your airlines

He explained: "Check lots of different airports, both departure and arrival points if you can.

"I've searched Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels – and this got me these super cheap fares out of Brussels to New York for just £345."

He also said: "Mix and Match airlines on your outbound and return flights.

"[For example] there are flights to Tel Aviv outbound on Wizzair and inbound on easyJet, which can keep prices low."

And here's a clever way to always find the cheapest TUI flights.

One common trick people have started using to get cheap flights is skiplagging.

Here is how it works – and why it comes with a big risk.

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