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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed why passengers who want a better inflight meal should sit at the front of the plane.

While meals onboard flights are rarely a culinary extravaganza, there are ways to make it a bit better for you.

To combat any disappointment, a flight attendant told eShores how passengers can make sure they get their inflight meal of choice.

Kamila Jakubjakova worked as a flight attendant for over three years, and picked up several tips and tricks along the way.

She explained that passengers after a specific meal are better off booking their seats at the front of the plane.

Kamila said: "The food service usually starts from the front of the airplane, so you'll get to dine first if you sit in the very first rows of an aircraft.

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"Sitting in the front rows also means you're more likely to get your preferred choice of meal, if two meal options are available."

For anyone who wants to avoid salty plane food, passengers are also allowed to bring their own snacks.

The food on aircraft is often purposely oversalted, which leaves many passengers gasping for a drink.

Cookbook editor and frequent traveller Melissa Leong also believes that holidaymakers should bring their own food onto a flight.

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She told Escape:"I’m here to tell you nobody cares if you bring your own food."

If you do want to bring your own food on board, Melissa suggested packing yogurts and frozen smoothies that are under 100ml as well as a mixture of sweet and savoury snacks.

She said: "Our taste buds do a number on us up in the air, and it’s always a good idea to pack both options to keep you sated.

Dark chocolate, dates, almonds and vegetarian snacks are all good options, but make sure to skip the onions and the garlic.

Meawnwhile, former flight attendant Kamila said that plane water is best to be avoided.

She added: "Bottled water would be my first choice as the water tanks don't get cleaned often due to time constraints.

"That being said, over my flying career I drank countless cups of tea and coffee when I needed a caffeine boost to stay up on night flights, and I never had any issues. "

One woman revealed how she always avoids eating bad food on planes.

And another tourist has explained how she uses a free airport item to get nicer meals in the air.

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