A MUM has divided opinion after admitting to jumping the queue at an airport with her young child.

The woman said she was travelling with her husband and baby who was three months old.

While waiting to board her flight, she said another mum invited her to jump the queue – which led to other annoyed passengers.

Unsure if she should have accepted the queue jump, or gone to the back and waited in line, she reached out to parenting forum Mumsnet to ask others if she'd behaved unreasonably.

She wrote: "We had booked priority, lounges and everything we could to relieve a bit of the stress.

"Priority queue was quite long to check in luggage and we started queuing nicely.

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"Another mum came along and told us we could jump the queue which we did gladly as baby started stirring a little bit.

"However it enraged some of the people in the queue, literally shouting that it was very out of order and that was no such thing as baby class, and what is wrong with you people etc."

At the time, she felt like she was doing nothing wrong, until people started to get annoyed.

She added that staff often let them jump the queue at other places like security and customs but asked if she was in the wrong.

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Some people were on the mum's side saying she was simply accepting a kind offer.

One wrote: "If invited to go in front of someone else, of course you can."

A second said: "Absolutely fine if invited to the front of the queue by airport staff, or to jump in front of one other person if they offered for you to do this."

However, other people weren't quite so on board and said she should have gone to the back of the line like everyone else.

One wrote: "Having a baby doesn't prevent you from queueing."

Another person added: "No reason why you shouldn't queue at check in with everyone else."

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