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A TRAVELLER has revealed a secret way to watch films hands-free during flights.

Entertaining yourself during a plane journey without a screen in the back of the seat in front of you can be tricky.

Although most of us have access to TV shows and films through our smartphones, holding them in our hands and watching them for a couple of hours can leave us with a stiff neck.

However, some planes now come prepared with special features in the back of seats allowing passengers to watch their phone screens hands-free, without creating any health problems.

Traveller Michelle Lei found one of them on a recent flight with Alaska Airlines that enabled her to comfortably kill time on her journey.

In the back of the seat in front of her, she discovered a small shelf in it that folded down, allowing her to put her phone down and watch films, without having to hold it in her hands.

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The shelf has a small lip as well to keep phones in place, while a clip above also meant it was compatible for bigger devices too.

Michelle shared her find on Tiktok in a video that that has been seen more than 50,000 times.

Michelle (@bymichellelei) said: "I legit did not know this guys".

Other people responded saying they were also excited about the simple yet effective solution to keeping entertained on flights.

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One wrote: "I was mind blown too."

A second said: "These are new but so amazing!"

A third added that they weren't on all Alaska Airlines planes yet and it's not clear if any other airlines will be adding them to their aircraft either.

For now, passengers may have to resort to the sick bag technique for creating their own back-of-seat entertainment system.

That involves taking the case off your phone and finding the sick bag when you're seated on the plane – here is how to do it:

  1. Place the bottom part of the bag into your phone's case.
  2. Next, slot your phone back into the case, essentially wedging the paper bag in between your phone and its cover.
  3. Next, drop down the tray table attached to the seat in front of you.
  4. Lay about half of the sickness bag on the end of the tray and carefully keep hold of it while folding the tray back up.
  5. Secure the tray using the sliding bolt, and it's all in place.

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Meanwhile, this hidden iPhone hack will let other people track your journey.

Some airlines are now warning passengers about dropping or losing their phones during flights.

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