A WOMAN has sparked debate online after booking a trip to Paris for her boyfriend – who then labelled her as selfish.

The woman had always wanted to visit the French capital and thought a Valentine's Day trip with her partner would be the perfect opportunity.

However, the boyfriend didn't exactly respond as planned, saying the woman was selfish for not discussing it with him first.

Reaching out for advice on parenting website Mumsnet, the woman asked others if she was in the wrong.

She said: "I surprised him this morning with a city break for Valentine's Day to Paris.

"I've always wanted to go and thought it would be a lovely weekend away.

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"He's angry at me for not discussing it and said it's because I'm 'selfish' and have 'only child syndrome'.

"I honestly didn't do it to be bossy or over bearing. I just wanted to do something nice.

"I've paid for flights/transfers/hotel so it's not like I'm asking for anything from him.

"Should I have asked him first rather than surprising him?"

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The woman's post received a mixture of responses, with people divided on whether or not she should have booked the trip.

Some stuck up for her and said she should take someone else instead of her boyfriend.

One said: "Well he doesn’t need to go then, does he! Take a friend instead.

"Honestly what a t***."

Another took things a step further and said she should not only go to Paris with someone else, but spend the rest of her time away from her partner as well.

They wrote: "Dump him. He's not a good fit for you.

"Move on to someone who appreciates spontaneity and joie de vivre.

"He sounds dreadfully dull."

However, there were others who agreed with the boyfriend, saying the trip sounded like it was more of a present for the woman.

One said: "A fairly new boyfriend did this to me once, although the destination wasn’t Paris, it was somewhere else I had no interest in going.

"I know it was supposed to be a nice surprise, but I didn’t like being told when and where I was going to be going, that I was going to have to book time off work and especially that I was then supposed to act happy about it.

"I think booking surprise trips is really only something you should do when you know that person inside out and are booking somewhere you’re sure they have wanted to go for a long time.

"Honestly, a Valentines weekend in Paris sounds more like a treat for you than a gift for him."

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