A WOMAN who invited herself along as a third wheel to her friend's romantic holiday with her boyfriend has sparked debate online.

The couple are planning a special getaway to Bali next year as a first proper trip together.

However, the girlfriend's best friend has managed to get the impression that she would be a welcome addition to the trip and has invited herself along.

The girlfriend has not been able to explain to her friend why she cannot come on the trip, because she "doesn't have the heart" to say no.

So instead, she reached out to parenting forum Mumsnet for advice.

She wrote: "Myself and my partner of 18 months are looking to go away early next year to Bali.

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"We have been on a few holidays together since being a couple however this will be the first holiday to a place like this.

"The trouble is a friend of mine who has been through a pretty rough time recently has taken it up on herself to invite herself away with us.

"I don’t have the heart to say no to my friend and wouldn’t like to upset her in the slightest but at the same time my partner and I would really like this to be a romantic holiday just the two of us.

"Does anyone know a way we can get around this without upsetting my friend? Any help would be appreciated."

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Most people were shocked at the woman's behaviour and just told advised the couple to tell her she absolutely was not invited.

One said: "What sort of friend invites themselves to a couples holiday?"

Another wrote: "I think you just have to say no. Be kind but blunt.

"Maybe view it as a challenge for yourself to be assertive. Learning to say no in situations like these will fare you well in the future!"

However, not everyone thought it was a terrible idea for her to go along on the holiday.

One person said: "I had some friends do something like this and it sounds like it worked well. I think it was because they were going somewhere fair flung for 2-3 weeks.

"The single friend really wanted to visit the area but didn't feel comfortable traveling that far as a single woman alone. The couple felt it would be nice to have some breaks from it just being the two of them.

"I have come across people doing this without it being weird."

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