A WOMAN was left horrified after she sat next to a queasy passenger during a flight – only for them to vomit over her.

Angelina Nicolle, a nutrition coach from the US, was travelling from Bangkok to London when she sat in the aisle, next to a man and his girlfriend.

Revealing the gross story on her TikTok account, she said the moment she feared happened when his sick bag, which was full, tore and "gushed" over her.

She explained: "Everything was going fine, the plane was beginning to just take off, everyone was getting their seatbelts on, you’re minding your own business reading a book.

"[But] as the plane takes off you notice the man takes out his paper doggy bag and throws up into it.

“And as disgusting as it is, you don’t want to embarrass him. I guess it happens – he’s throwing up in the doggy bag and not on you.

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“You’re looking straight ahead acting like it’s not happening two inches away from you."

She said his girlfriend asked if they can have her sick bag too, only for someone else in the aisle to hand theirs over.

Angelina then turned to give the man the sick bag, and that was when she realised that his bag was full to the brim with vomit and could explode at any time.

She continued: "If he throws up another time it will literally overflow, and at this point, I’m holding the paper bag so that they can put the other paper bag in this paper bag because the bottom of the paper bag is so full of throw up that it’s starting to break.”

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But that was when Angelina’s nightmare became all too real.

"The bottom of the bag filled to the brim with his vomit breaks open,” she said.

“And his vomit gushes out of the bottom all over onto his lap and, unfortunately, all over me and all over my stuff that’s under the seat.”

Even worse, she said she had to sit in it for 10 minutes as the plane was taking off.

More than 1.3 million people have watched the video, with some calling it "traumatic".

One person said: "Not even the air marshal could contain me. My emetophobia [fear of vomiting] could never."

Another agreed: "Nah. I would have fainted so they could call a medical emergency."

However, a flight attendant also commented – and said it would have been okay to call them over during this.

She explained: "If you ring your call light two or three times we’ll know something’s going on."

Another flight attendant agreed: "You can’t get up but we can, and can bring stuff to clean up."

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