A WOMAN was shocked after finding out her boyfriend had booked himself a seat in business class for an upcoming holiday, while leaving her in economy.

The couple were planning their first getaway as a pair after being together for seven months.

They had agreed to go halves on accommodation while paying for their own flights.

However, the woman hadn't expected her partner to give himself an upgrade and was annoyed to find out he was going to be flying in luxury.

She reached out to parenting site Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable for reacting negatively to the situation.

She wrote: "You both discuss going to European city, half of accommodation each and paying for own flights.

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"Boyfriend messages to say they’ve booked their flights, you message to say 'ok I’ll book mine now, did you reserve your seat??'

"Boyfriend says, 'oh I’m flying business we can just meet up on the other side'. Thoughts?"

The woman received a lot of support from other users, with plenty of people saying they didn't have high hopes for a long term relationship.

One wrote: "I'd not bother going. He sounds lacking in both charm and self awareness."

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Another said: " He doesn’t sound like much of a keeper to me."

However, others were less annoyed by the boyfriend's behaviour.

One said: "I don't actually see the big issue. If you booked separately, at separate times, chances are you wouldn't be sat together anyway.

"You obviously didn't plan on ensuring you sat together on the flight, so it doesn't really matter where he is sat."

Another argued: "Perfectly reasonable considering you've only been together seven months."

A different woman recently revealed why she always books separate flights from her husband when they go on holiday – and that everyone should try it.

Journalist Cathy Adams explained they first started doing it 15 years ago, when her husband wanted to fly business but she wanted a cheaper economy fare.

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This mum booked herself into business class while leaving her kids behind in economy.

Another parent paid for her nanny to fly in first class, but not her son, who was given no upgrade.

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